Data Security Is In Our DNA

Security is integrated into every aspect of our platform. From hardware and firmware to the cloud, our infrastructure provides unrivaled security and data privacy for your entire property portfolio.

A Bulletproof Approach
to Privacy

Episense is unlike other automated platforms. We don't utilize the cloud as a “middle-man” between applications and devices. Instead, the majority of your data is stored securely on the Episense hub where it belongs to only you.

This enables device automations to be more reliable and responses more immediate, while automations continue even if the internet goes down.

For devices that do require cloud connection, all data is hosted in Microsoft and AWS data centers that undergo rigorous auditing for your benefit.

Superior Security

Prioritizing Your Data Privacy

In the cloud, in transit, and at rest, all information is secured using bank-level 256-bit AES encryption.

Only Need-to-Know Data

Information you or your property have provided to send your registration link (e.g., name, email address, etc.).

Your Experience is Everything

When You're Done, We're Done

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Security Is In Our DNA