An Asset for Any Multifamily Property

Increase NOI and asset values across your entire portfolio.

The Cornerstoneof your Building

Episense delivers real-time visibility across your entire portfolio, rent premiums from tech-forward resident amenities and next-generation building intelligence.

Property Intelligence

Get IoT-driven insights at the portfolio level or drill-down into individual assets with intuitive data visualization tools.

Preventive Maintenance

Take advantage of patented AI technology to isolate equipment issues, automate resolution and get ahead of performance issues before they impact NOI.

Utility Managment

The average multifamily community spends $90,000 a year on vacant units and common areas. Episense helps reduce these costs by nearly 40% through intelligent automation.

Vendor Agnostic

Episense partners with industry-leading device manufacturers and leasing software platforms, alongside patented technology to enable rapid integration of legacy tools.

Customized Branding

Manage your resident experience end-to-end and strengthen your brand with a custom mobile application designed to fit the unique needs of your properties.

Tech-Enabled Amenities

Provide residents with a variety of third-party services like dog-walking, housekeeping, and package delivery, all of which integrate seamlessly with back-end systems.

Unmatched Building Intelligence& Cross-Portfolio Insights


Without Episense

Limited customization for resident living spaces and forced interaction.

Siloed, proprietary systems resulting in operational blindfold (due to data isolation), and forces CRE owners to point fix or come up with make-shift solution.

Reactive maintenance epitomized by firefighting and labor-intensive, monotonous multitasking.


With Episense

Personalized habitats and seamless connection to their building community.

Unified building performance with centralized tools for tenant maintenance, sustainability, building monitoring, tenant engagement and asset performance.

Preventive and condition-based maintenance based on real-time monitoring of IoT assets.

More Manageable Properties


Automate property managers drudge work and eliminate low-priority tasks for onsite staff


Seasmlessly integrate with the platforms you already use, including Realpage, Yardi & Appfolio


Recoup hundreds of maintenance hours per year with e-keys, automated maintenance ticketing, and digital access logs.

Evolve Your Brand with Ease

Stand out from the competition while saving time and money by offering a centralized community app that’s fully supported by Episense but labeled under your brand.

We provide a fully functioning App that can be branded as your own, complete with a dedicated support team who are constantly working to innovate and update the App in new and exciting ways.

Residents can simply search your company name inside the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Scale Securely with Superior Visibility & Control

Security is integrated into every aspect of Episense. From hardware and firmware to the cloud, our infrastructure provides unrivaled security & data privacy for your entire portfolio.

All data is securely hosted in Microsoft & AWS data centers that undergo regular audits and are monitored 24/7.

Unlike other providers that rely on residents’ personal WiFi networks to connect devices, we use a separate, private connection to provide an extra layer of privacy for residents.

Full data encryption in the cloud, in transit, and at rest, with enterprise grade 256-bit AES encryption.

All communication with our cloud services is encrypted using ciphers and TLS in accordance with Microsoft Azure Security standards.

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