Create Thriving Communities & Unlock New Value

Boost NOI and reclaim precious time and energy with a single integrated, solution.

Manage Your Property as a Connected Entity

Smart Access Control, HVAC & Lighting

Usher your building into the future with a managed array of top-of-the-line infrastructure.

Easy Installation by Qualified Professionals

Installation is seamless & affordable, with no custom wiring or hub required.

Net Terms & Flexible Financing

Take advantage of no-fee net terms or low-interest financing options, regardless of transaction size.

Operational Insight

From water leaks and overactive A/C units to after-hours mischief in common areas, Episense helps managers detect issues and prevent them from becoming more serious problems.

Track Building Activity
from the Command Center

Enjoy comprehensive visibility and control of all operations throughout your community.

Prevent losses

Receive real-time alerts for leaks, propped-open doors and inefficient utility usage.

Control access

From residents to visitors and vendors, seamlessly manage who gets into the building and when.

Reduce energy costs

Effectively manage vacant residencies and common areas through the Episense portal.

Free up resources

Reclaim thousands of hours a year for staff with dynamic work order automation and streamlined move-in/move-out.

Engage residents effortlessly

Send texts, emails or push notifications to all residents in one click.

Sync easily with other systems

Episense integrates with several major property management systems including Yardi, Realpage, and Appfolio.

Predict & Extend
the Lifecycle of Building Assets

Mitigate the risk of serious damage with the assistance of advanced sensors that trigger real time alerts and automate their resolution.

Connected asset dashboard

AI-powered fault detection

Conditional alarms

Work order automation

Optimize Energy Efficiency in

Episense helps management firms reduce energy costs and reclaim valueble time with utility automation in common areas and remote management of vacant units.

Vacant Units

Remotely manage utilities in vacant units and leverage smart thermostats with Episense AI to reduce energy costs.

Common Areas

Leverage custom automations that regulate energy usage based off of real-time occupancy detection.

Resident Savings

Save your residents 15% or more on heating & cooling bills within the first year of using Episense.

Generate More NOI For your Owners

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