Build Forward

Cement your properties at the forefront of innovation and technological excellence.

Innovative Properties.Lasting Value.

Increase asset value for new builds, accelerate lease-ups, and deliver state-of-the-art technology to residents.

Rent Premiums

Achieve rent premiums with tech-enabled amenities & services

Maximum ROI

Maximize multifamily Return on Investment (ROI)

User Satisfaction

Built resident trust and satisfaction through brilliant user-experience

The Faster, More Affordable Path to Green Certification.

Leverage patented IoT & machine learning technology to achieve sustainability objectives cheaper and faster with Episense.

Manage Thousands of Devices through a Single, Unified Platform

Resident apps and connected devices are the new table stakes for multifamily properties. To truly innovate with quality and expertise, you'll need a dynamic, patented device management platform controlled with user-friendly mobile front ends and comprehensive manager dashboards.

Episense provides the technological architecture to refine your building projects for the future and beyond.

Break New Ground

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