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Why Smart Lighting is Your Next Bright Idea

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Bryan Jenks
Bryan Jenks

Lighting, the thing that allows you to see at night. Lighting, something that is usually a main focus of a value add property opportunity. Lighting, generally taken from the run of the mill incandescent to LED when it’s “upgraded”. Nothing too complex so you should still be with me. It’s pretty self explanatory. “Yes Robert, I understand that residents need lights in their units, the leasing staff needs lights in the office and common areas, and the hallways need lights to keep people walking straight. What’s your point?”

In our previous blog I discussed with you the immense changes that have occurred with HVAC systems, and prior to that access control. What has changed about lighting? The bulb. That’s it. It would be a rare occurrence that those of you who make decisions would opt for a lighting fixture you had to turn on at the device itself. Walk up to an overhead fan+light and pull the chain? Not in years. Since the advent of the wall switch, we’re stalled in our REAL advancement in lighting. Not anymore.

What if I said you could increase resident satisfaction and rents, save the residents and asset owners money, and it would be an inexpensive, sustainable solution? Yes, I’m still talking about lighting. And no, we’re not talking Edison-bulbs. We’re talking about smart lighting—the kind that’s connected and controlled by your phone, work device or voice assistant (e.g., Google Home, Alexa, Siri). Let’s get into this.

“You light up my life”

Multifamily communities strive to serve and retain their residents. This is a fact. But with all the competition out there, don’t you think tenants are looking for the most bang for their buck—a place they can call home for years to come? In the very near future, one of the core amenities offered by multifamily communities will be smart lighting. Let’s take a closer look at why smart lighting is such a bright idea.

An intelligent apartment equipped with smart lighting allows you to waltz into shimmering brightness, knowing you’ve also saved a whole lot of money... I mean, energy. Think motion sensors that bid them adieu as they trek to work and welcome ‘em home upon return.


You know the guy in 7D that’s unwaveringly on schedule? Well, he can pre-set his lighting with his smartphone (using our app!), so his apartment is lit up like a concert every time he gets home. A personalized amenity like smart lighting can delight and excite residents, while saving them money on utility costs. Now, that’s a win win.

Let There Be Light!

You might be thinking, “So, what’s in it for me?”. Aside from satisfied residents and exuberant maintenance tech, you’ll be able to monitor energy expenditure on an analytical level, open the potential pathways to earning a Green Certification, and streamline your daily vacant opening and closing processes. Yes, just like the automation of the access control and the HVAC, wrapping the lighting control in is as easy as clicking a switch in the process. Go ahead, keep all of your current light bulbs (even those fancy Edison-bulbs if you took the bait). You can make it all happen with smart switches, motion detectors, and a helping hand. We can just as easily work with your existing hardware and train your property staff accordingly!

Residential Confidential

Smart access control, connected HVAC systems, and luxury lighting are all pieces of evidence in the drama that is the connected apartment. Each plays their own role in developing the story that we will tell our prospects and residents, who will in turn tell the world. As I’ve guided you into the new concept of a “smart” unit, follow me just a little further while I close the case on how this plays out for the resident experience.

Robert Mudd
VP, Business Development


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