The Episense Story

We’ve always believed in the power of connection—on a technological and human level. Having created ecosystems of connected products for years, Episense seeks to utilize our IoT integration technology and AI to create a more intimate connection among residents and their homes, management and their staff, stakeholders and their assets throughout multifamily communities.

Trusted Partners

Industry-wide Relationships

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The Current
Industry Landscape

Packing apartments with a few different smart devices is not the answer. Competition among a crowd of different “Smart-Tech” device manufacturers has roadblocked the integration and unification of an increasing array of smart home devices, hindering the full extent of their effectiveness, and resulting in a host of problems.

Multiple siloed systems
Decentralized controls
Poor user experiences
Frustrating installations
Inefficient daily processes
Fractured integration
The Opportunity

Paving a New Path Forward

Episense is a hardware-agnostic operating system for real estate owners, developers & managers. With our help, you can have comprehensive control of all your technology systems through a centralized platform.


Our technology is unique in that it doesn’t discriminate based on product brand, make, or technology standard, allowing you to take otherwise disconnected systems and unify them under a common platform.


Patented abstraction technology allows you to easily integrate new vendors, products, and data streams with the Episense platform as the needs of your community evolve over time.


Our mission is to change the way people connect with the spaces around them through innovative integrated technology-transforming static features and systems and into personalized ecosystems where everyone thrives.